Sunday, July 15, 2007

I started this site along time ago it has been hosted on any thing I could that was inexpensive to a private individual. At the time it was started we had been running a site erintennessee.com on tripod and because our town did not have a web site I started a news info style site. As readership grew I decided I would join our states news association and found they did not have a site but did list a email address. So I did what any one I thought would do I sent them a email asking to join. The return email was polite but basically said we do not accept Web based news into our association and if you have a print paper membership is based on your readership. Not having one and having no idea what our reader ship was we looked for a online association. Bingo found one it was in England nice web site for the time but they were closing. They suggested to start one here and they would furnish me with access to their news data base which they did. I decided it should be Independent Internet Press Association. What next you know create a web site and get a domain name. That was when I found out about how hard it was to get a 4 letter domain and later the money to be made by waiting for names to expire and sniping them a word I had learned on EBay. I originally had aiip.net which I thought was great, any body who joined would be part of the net. Oh well then domain names were bought a year at a time and were expensive and sure enough as soon as it expired it was snapped up and put up for sale. still is latest price $1217.00. Then came godaddy.com with us domains at a inexpensive price and aiip.us was available. If you need a web site domain we recommend them. I set up the site to more or less run automatic using Java scripts, and have let it run was the idea. IPA started later and appeared funded and with the knowledge so I just forgot aiip.us and worked on our home site. Played with blogger before Google, and received a jacket from them when they bought blogger telling me that I would now get free what I had been paying for. 2007 all my data is still there unlike others we have paid. We also recommend google and blogger. This is just the start. Over the next few week I will tell you how to start a online news site for your town and compete with the big boys.

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