Saturday, June 22, 2002

Second test. American Taliban due in court "Taliban American fighter John Walker is scheduled to be in federal court Thursday morning to hear ..." On CNN - World Lockerbie bomber launches appeal "For the first time in British court history, the proceedings are being televised. After almost ..." On CNN - World Israel shooting wounds dozens "Ambulance workers said at least 15 people suffered bullet wounds. Forty-six people were taken ..." On CNN - World Concern over fate of Afghan aid "But officials at an international donors' conference issued a sobering warning Tuesday that the ..." On CNN - World Creative stars plucked from AdAgeGlobal's European agency of they year On Advertising Age Global Amid controversy, BIG BROTHER finally to air in Brazil On Advertising Age Global American Airlines unites $80m biz into Interpublic shops On Advertising Age Global Jordan: Riots Point to Growing Unrest "Civil unrest is erupting into violence in parts of Jordan, undermining the government's efforts to create a stable environment for economic growth." On Stratfor Philippines: Arroyo Risking Political Security With U.S. Deployment "Although military cooperation with Washington will bring political and economic benefits to the Philippines, critics of the president could use the controversy over the issue to spark a movement aimed at removing her from office." On Stratfor [NewsIsFree: user blogs]
Todays Tech News. Microsoft appoints new security chief "Scott Charney, a former cybercrime prosecutor, will take responsibility for the security of the software giant's internal systems." On CNET News.com FTC to hit anti-spam campaign trail "The Federal Trade Commission is gearing up for a battle against unsolicited commercial e-mail known as spam." On CNET News.com LinuxWorld: Approaching a Linux standard "The 2002 edition of the OS show spotlights the latest news: IBM says the OS is suited for the real world; a push to standardize different Linux versions bears fruit." On CNET News.com Animate Your LILO On Slashdot.org Accused Ebay hacker on electronic leash "Judge sends Heckenkamp home with modifications" On The Register Judge drops Napster bombshell "Queries labels' right to maintain pigopoly" On The Register BadTrans-B tops virus charts "MS Outlook improvements unlikely to stem tide" On The Register IBM, Peugeot to diagnose car faults over Net "(IDG) -- IBM and French car maker Peugeot are working together to develop an Internet-based ..." On CNN - Technology The Sky Is Falling, Again "Earlier this month, asteroids were coming within mere hundreds of thousands of miles of Earth. Now, a satellite is expected to hit the South Pacific" On Wired News - Technology Snow Skis More Like Jet Skis "Super-sidecut skis have revolutionized the technique of alpine skiing over the past few years. But has this new equipment made the sport more dangerous? By Kendra Mayfield." On Wired News - Technology Getting Faster, Higher, Stronger "The upcoming Winter Olympics will again focus on technologies that have been developed to give athletes a competitive edge. But eye-opening, breakthrough advancements aren't expected this time around. By Steve Kettmann" On Wired News - Technology Ice Worm Stars on Web "Ice worms need, well, ice -- and scientists who study them think if they figure out why, it'll help understand how to keep humans exposed to frozen conditions alive longer. A Web project is aiding the study" On Wired News - Technology A Glove That Speaks Volumes "A teenager has turned a golf glove into a tool that can translate American Sign Language into text. Want to know more? Talk to the hand. By Katie Dean" On Wired News - Technology [NewsIsFree: user blogs]
moribund: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. moribund [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]
eastsidejournal.com - When persnickety AP talks, we listen - On June 10, China's former Chairman Mao Tse-Tung became Mao Zedong. - Why? Because AP said so.

Monday, June 17, 2002

perspicacity: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. perspicacity [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]
perspicacity: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. perspicacity [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Morris takes Tennessee Newspaper Off Market

Morris Communications Corp., which publishes 36 newspapers in 13 states, has decided to keep The Oak Ridger newspaper. THE REST OF THE STORY

Tunisian Journalist Arrested as Cyber Dissident

2002-06-14 09:35:46

Tunisian journalist Zouhair Yahyaoui faces up to 10 years in prison for new government charges that accuse him of being a cyber dissident. Yahyaoui, who is the founder and editor of the online news site TUNeZINE, which runs content critical of the government, is charged with “knowingly putting out false


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